The Domino Effect of Brand Positioning: An Overview

The Domino Effect of Brand Positioning: An Overview

The Domino Effect of Brand Positioning: An Overview

✍️ One: Audit It

Brand Positioning can feel a little vague or nebulous, especially since we're aligning things like values, marketing, sales, visual identity, copy, messaging ect..

The question then becomes- what does brand positioning actually DO??

In short, it creates a domino effect.

Brand positioning is a clear direction, a focus that connects to every other part of a business.

You start adjusting your copy, your website, the people you hire or work with, how you market and what the messaging of that marketing is.

Positioning creates a ripple affect that tweaks the actions and steps you take, so they can have more impact and actually move the needle.

  1. Sales

    The most common struggles I see with sales is how to actually make them. What to say? How to describe offers? What will convince people to buy?

    Those are all important questions because what is a business without sales? At the end of the day, we are here to support ourselves, our family, team and that requires ✨money✨.

    That being said, when your brand positioning is clear, these issues no longer cause analysis paralysis because you KNOW what what to say. You know how to describe your offers because they actually come from an established direction, not just ✨because✨. You'll still have to test what resonates the most with your people but you'll be in a place of empowerment where you can tweak things rather than trying over and over again.

  2. Marketing

    Do I need to be on IG? What about Pinterest? I don't love making reels but can I even have a business without it?

    You don't have to do it ALL. You choose what makes the MOST sense for you, your business and your place in the market. Whether you're flying solo or have team members, you're able to focus your limited energy/resources on what ACTUALLY matters. If you want your business to thrive on referrals- why spend $2000/mo on a Pinterest manager ? Get yourself into IRL events, spend your time pitching, create a great experience for your existing network.

  3. Messaging

    What is my message? How can I come across the way I want to?

    Now that you know what makes you different and the gap you're filling in the market, you know what others are missing out on. That gives you a strong foundation to work on the specific aspects of each offer. If you hire a copywriter/messaging expert for this- they can build on the foundation you've already set, amplifying their work too.

  4. Copy

    Ok but what should my website actually say? How do I describe what I do? What should my sales page say?

    Yep, you guessed it, positioning will give you answers to these questions in their most distilled versions. You know what problem you're solving, how you're doing it differently than anyone else so really, we already KNOW what to write, it's just about finding the right words. The copywriter you work with will no longer have to get up to speed and try to find words for something you can't describe.

  5. Branding & Website

    I want to stand out, but how? I want to attract higher paying clients.

    Just like the other categories in this list, branding and websites come AFTER positioning.
    I often describe branding as taking how you want people to feel and making it visual. That being said, how you want ( and need ) people to feel in order for them to buy from you NEEDS to be based on where you're going and what you do differently. Otherwise it's just pretty colors and a logo that means nothing but worst, does nothing for you.

    Often people will have a hard time describing what they want, feeling like none of the branding options they or their designer offer are "quite right ". That feeling of indecision is because of your positioning- if it's not clear, nothing will be. On the flip side, if you already know your position in the market, a great brand designer will be able to take that and RUN. They will be able to see the big picture and create visuals that actually help get you there.

    Same thing with websites- they can only help conversion if it's clear what the purpose is, what the goals are, who will be navigating them and what the energy has to feel like.