Stop Competing, Start Positioning: the Basics Of Brand Positioning

Stop Competing, Start Positioning: the Basics Of Brand Positioning

Stop Competing, Start Positioning: the Basics Of Brand Positioning

✍️ One: Audit It

Ok, so there's SOOOO many people doing the same thing, posting the same thing, having the same kinds of products but somehow there is always that ONE person or business that you know you would choose over anyone else. That, besties, is gollddddd brand positioning.

Brand positioning is essentially how your brand is perceived by your target audience, relative to your competitors. It's about carving out a distinct space in the minds of your customers that sets you apart from others in your industry.

It's a way of creating a *unique* space of your own, rather than being compared.

Standing out and being different is done in a MULTITUDE of ways, but it ALWAYS starts from brand positioning.

Think of brand positioning as the FOUNDATIONS of that space. It's creating standing out from the INSIDE out. You can get away with average branding, okish copy and not having a great website as long as your positioning is solid.

On the flip side, I've seen people with the BEST branding, INCREDIBLEEEE website that STRUGGLLEEEE to have a thriving business. It's because they skipped brand positioning and went straight to offers, messaging, selling, branding, making money.

They'll come to me, feeling lost, burnout and like they are doing OK but want so much more. They've taken all the generic advice, paid for strategy calls and still feel like they aren't where they want to be.

Starting with positioning means that every step you take is focused, aligned and way more effective because you aren't spending time doing/saying things that don't carve out that unique space.

Ok, so what are the essential elements of brand positioning:

  • Seeing, hearing and understanding what your target audience needs/wants that they aren't getting from competitors

  • Knowing what gap you fill in that market

  • Having values that are implemented in all aspects of your business, in different ways, not just to add to an about page

  • A business framework that addresses the gap in the market in a way that works for YOU AND your target audience

  • A core that you refer back to for every step you take: your UVP might be tweaked in time, but this core ( also can be seen as your mission ) will carry throughout time.

  • Goals and steps to reach them based on what you want to be doing LONG-TERM