How to pick Lead Magnets & Digital Products

How to pick Lead Magnets & Digital Products

How to pick Lead Magnets & Digital Products

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To the person who asked ( and anyone else struggling with this ):

✨🛎️ You've got Voicemail 🛎️✨


Rather than give you ideas ( which I would love to do if I would know more about your business ), here's the process of picking lead magnets/digital products so you can do this over and over <3

1. Take the "Dream Outcome" of your UVP
2. Write out the problems that people experience trying to get that dream outcome
3. Write out the solutions to those problems
4. Look at your list of solutions and figure out- which one do you actually think would be valuable and interesting for your people?
5. Take that list and create an offer specific " Dream Outcome ". What are symptoms of trying to achieve that outcome but not being able to? What solutions can you offer?

>> Notice if there are any that are connected OR too big to solve in one go: that's where you start <<

What is a straightforward win you can give people in that topic? That's a lead magnet
Which one is a bit too big to address in a single resource? That's your digital product.

The goal here is NOT to create digital products just for 🎉 vibes 🎉 or money, so I do always ask people: do you even need a digital product? Is there something that that would make way more sense AND be way more valuable to your people?

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